Employment Discrimination & Litigation

When government audits turn into lawsuits or employees seek damages for wrongful termination or discrimination, the firm has the litigation experience to help companies defend such cases. When there are unique and compelling facts, Deason Law attorneys will also consider representing immigrant clientele with their employment cases against their former employers. Our representative experience includes handling the following types of cases:


  • Representation of H-2A employer during government lawsuit concerning back wages and civil penalties.
  • Representation of food producer during Department of Labor wage and hour lawsuit.
  • Lawsuits involving the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and other federal laws regulating discrimination and retaliation in the workplace.
  • Prosecution and defense of whistleblower cases under the Seamen’s Protection Act and other OSHA whistleblower statutes.
  • Litigation of non-compete agreements.
  • Representation of individuals with their wage and hour claims.


Whether being sued by an individual employee or a class of workers, Deason Law attorneys are ready to provide litigation defense to companies from one of our offices in Houston or San Diego.