Government I-9 and H-2A Audits

The firm assists clients with the increasingly complex landscape surrounding I-9 audits, E-Verify participation and compliance with anti-discrimination laws. We frequently provide internal mock audits to measure client compliance to help prepare for a government audit beforehand. Our audit representation services include:

  • Representation of employers during ICE inspections and other immigration-related audits conducted by the Department of Labor and the Office of Special Counsel. Recently, the firm represented a food manufacturer during a government inspection of hundreds of I-9 records. After successfully arguing against incorrect legal positions taken by immigration officials, the company passed the audit with no fines.  
  • Representation of employer during DOL wage and visa program audits. Government inspections relating to H-2A, H-2B and various visa programs have become a substantial regulatory concern for employers who rely upon foreign labor. The labor and employment services offered by Deason Law provide a particular focus on helping employers to resolve wage and hour disputes, visa program violations and related compliance with labor and immigration regulations.   
  • Our services include simulated audits of H-2A, H-2B and other visa program compliance so that employers may resolve regulatory violations before facing any penalties from the government. In addition, our attorneys will litigate adverse fines or findings by government officials in the courts.  

Due to increased enforcement measures taken by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Labor, it is more important than ever for employers to implement comprehensive and consistent hiring procedures. Many companies are government targets simply because of their industry’s employment of immigrant workers. If your company has been selected for an audit, the firm may be contacted immediately to provide legal advice.