Business owners often target specific regions for development in order to manage the costs associated with growing their companies. A company headquartered in the United States, for instance, could make the decision to initially try out its business model in another country before investing in more expensive marketing in real estate within the U.S.

It’s also possible that an established company from another nation could attempt to shift its business model or expand its domestic offerings to reflect what it currently does in international markets. Such expansion requires funding, planning and the right employees.

Regardless of whether your company currently operates in other countries exclusively or wants to change domestic practices to more closely overlap with international business practices, you may require the assistance of skilled executive or manager within your company to perform tasks within the United States. An L-1A Intracompany Employee Transfer visa is often the best solution for a business in this position.

The L-1A visa will be less competitive than more generic visa programs

One of the reasons people often don’t consider the L-1A visa program is that they focus their energy and efforts on the x-axis visa program instead. People often view the H-1B visa process as the most straightforward and streamlined option, but that isn’t necessarily true.

There are federal restrictions on how many H-1B visas the government approves each year. In order to ensure that this process is as fair as possible, the potential visas are awarded via a lottery system. If your company needs the input of a manager or executive who already works in an international office for your company, it doesn’t make sense to wait indefinitely for success in the H-1B visa lottery system.

Applying for an L-1A visa greatly reduces the competition you will have and increases the chances for an expeditious resolution to your expansion needs.

Make sure the transferring employee meets the visa criteria

There’s little point in applying for a visa for which an employee does not meet the basic criteria. In order for someone to qualify for the L-1A Intracompany Transfer visa, they need to already have an existing employment relationship with the company in a foreign location, whether they work for the parent company, an affiliate, a subsidiary or a branch of the business.

Additionally, the business itself will need to meet the criteria of currently doing business abroad with the intention to expand its operations in the United States. The employee themselves will need to pass the same background checks as anyone else applying for a visa for entry and will need to have had at least one continuous year of employment with a qualifying organization within the last three years.