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Case Studies And Testimonials

Deason Law, PC is backed by over 15 years of experience and a proven record of results. Below is a snapshot of the types of cases that we have successfully resolved at Deason Law, PC, as well as feedback from our former clients we have received at our firm.


  • “Dax helped me after my disaster with another Immigration Attorney in Houston to extend my H1B Visa multiple times and get my Green Card. I can highly recommend Dax to anybody. Feel free to contact me. He worked for me for 6 years.” – Carl Heinz “Charly” Frey, RP / HP Operations at BKW Energie AG.

Case Studies

A farmer was the target of an EEOC class-based employment discrimination lawsuit in Federal Court. Since the EEOC represented hundreds of H-2A workers, Deason Law, PC was retained to assist the company to defend itself from allegations of national origin discrimination and retaliation and to provide H-2A expertise for the case. 

A construction company had received a large fine by the Texas Workforce Commission for misclassifying its workers as 1099 independent contractors. Deason Law, PC was hired to contest and appeal the TWC finding. After litigating the matter, the decision of the TWC was reversed and the order to pay back taxes was cancelled.

A Texas-based full service engineering company previously acquired a specialty industrial service company. Deason Law, PC assisted the client to transfer several H-1B engineers from the acquired company to ensure the employees maintained continuous employment authorization after the acquisition was completed. We also assisted several of the engineers from the acquired company to file Form I-140 petitions to further support the continuity of pending corporate green card cases.

A Mexican national who is married to a U.S citizen had her application for I-485 permanent residency denied. Client had been denied because the government alleged that she had falsely claimed to be a U.S. citizen many years ago when she was under the age of 18. Client’s previous attorney had not done a very good job in presenting the facts of the case to USCIS. Deason Law, PC took emergency action by filing a motion for reconsideration with USCIS and presented a very detailed account of the client’s case information, her eligibility for permanent residency and why she had not claimed to be a U.S. citizen. USCIS reviewed the motion and granted client permanent residency.

A multinational corporation in Mexico who wanted to invest in a subsidiary operation in the United States. Deason Law, PC was hired to form a Texas corporation and help the customer obtain numerous E-2 visas for several of its Mexican employees who needed to be transferred to the United States to support the manufacturing plant’s start-up operations, commissioning and training of local US workers. The project was successful, and the customer continues to operate in the U.S. through the support of various E-2 employees.

A leading food processing company located in the southeast United States had previously been audited and fined by the Department of Homeland Security for Form I-9 violations. As is customary for the Department of Homeland Security, immigration officials typically conduct follow-up I-9 audits to further measure compliance. Deason Law, PC was asked to represent the corporation throughout the I-9 audit proceedings and was able to successfully assist the client to negotiate a zero-fine resolution.

The brother of a client had been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers in New Mexico. Client and his spouse were undocumented Mexican nationals with three U.S. citizen children. Deason Law, PC was retained to assist the client get out of detention by seeking a bond from the El Paso Immigration Court. Our firm was also hired to fight his deportation case. Deason Law, PC filed an application for relief known as Cancellation of Removal to stop the deportation. After many years of court proceedings, our firm was ultimately was able to cancel deportation proceedings and obtain the client’s permanent residency. 

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