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Movement of Employees to the United States

Organizations that hire foreign national employees must comply with a complex assortment of immigration and employment laws. Known for its specialization in corporate immigration law, Deason Law, PC provides representation to companies that seek to hire or transfer foreign national employees to the United States. Our law firm provides legal representation to a wide variety of clients, including privately held and publicly traded corporations, foreign investors and multinational companies who are seeking to transfer foreign nationals from a variety of global communities.

Whether you are a medical device manufacturer seeking to hire a validation engineer or a multinational corporation seeking to transfer a key manager to a U.S. division, Deason Law, PC provides the full set of legal services to ensure the foreign national gets to the worksite.  

Experienced with Work Visas

We have helped employers to hire a wide range of professionals, such as engineers, doctors, teachers, computer professionals, agronomists, animal scientists, logistics managers, chemists, food scientists, and numerous other specialized or professional employees who are key to the growth and operation of your business. Our experience assisting companies in sponsoring employees under various work visa programs includes:

  • H-1B professional work visas
  • Various international treaty-based visas, such as the E-3 (Australians), H-1B1 (Chileans) and TN employment of professional employees from Canada and Mexico
  • Transferring managers, executives and specialized professionals from their foreign subsidiaries to the U.S. under the L-1A and L-1B visa programs
  • Preparing complex O-1 visa petitions for individuals of extraordinary abilities in business, science and the arts
  • Assisting U.S. employers in establishing J-1 training programs to facilitate the training of interns and trainees from abroad
  • Obtaining waivers to assist doctors who seek to work in medically underserved areas and other J1 visa holders to remain in the United States through one of numerous waiver programs
  • Preparing and assisting with submission of visa applications and interviews at the U.S. Consulates abroad

Helping Foreign Firms Set Up E-Visa Businesses

We provide comprehensive services aimed at helping foreign investors to achieve their U.S. business objectives. The Firm’s dual specialization in immigration and employment law helps foreign investors not only to get the required investor visas for the principal investor and its employees, but also to help keep the U.S. business stay in compliance with U.S. labor and employment laws.

Our legal team helps investors to evaluate their business plans, provide strategies for staffing the operation and complying with U.S. wage and employment laws, form or acquire a U.S. business or franchise and obtain the necessary investor visas to authorize U.S. entry and work authorization.  We have worked with a wide variety of multinational corporations and individual investors from Mexico and other countries in Latin America to set up affiliate or subsidiary operations in the United States and to maintain E status for the corporation and its employees.

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